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In the heart of Walvis Bay, the town where the desert meets the ocean, is located a local gem; Lalandi self-catering each House.

Set at the perfect location of Langstrand in close proximity of the pristine ocean, Lalandi offers the best self-catering accommodation the coastal town offers.

“Lalandi 13 was designed to act as a serene escape from busy city life for families”,.
“Everything was curated with the intention to immerse our guests into the Swakopmund beach experience.
We incorporated a lot of natural wood and artwork in the house to come together and compliment the rich beauty of the area, which our guests have come to appreciate”.

– CEO, Sabrina Tlhabologo-Mbulawa

In striving for excellence and a problem-free experience for guests, Lalandi communicates with guests prior to their arrival, to ensure that each patron’s individual and specific needs are met.


With a dedicated housekeeper and handyman always available, comfort is guaranteed during every stay.

Equipped with daily essentials and necessities, guests rarely feel the need to leave the house.


It truly is a home away from home!

With sustainability becoming an increasingly important factor in the hospitality industry, Lalandi Beach House has added unique elements, to remind guests of the importance of environmental consideration.

House plants, water filtration and clear messaging reminds guests to conserve water and to utilise the facilities sparingly.


Given the vast variety of people that Langstrand beckons, Lalandi Rental House attracts clients that have one thing in common: the appreciation of simplicity.

Having had visitors from every walk of life, the beauty of the area encourages all to wind down and relax. And as long as guests are provided a pristine, welcoming area to do that, they are happy.

Therefore, the home is the priority at Lalandi.


In contributing to the community, Lalandi has engaged the local people of Walvis Bay in an authentic way. “It’s amazing how people can connect in a safe, beautiful environment, despite their different backgrounds”, Tlhabologo-Mbulawa says.

“The common admiration for the community here means there’s a mutual dedication to uphold principles of respect and sustainability. It also doesn’t hurt that we’ve engaged a lot of local laymen to help with the upkeep of the house, which goes a long way.”


Lalandi offers extremely reasonable rates, at N$2,500.00 per night for the 3-bedroom apartment, with the added comforts of Wi-Fi, DsTV, ample parking and a luxurious patio. Children are always welcome, but sadly no pets are allowed.


With reviews and perception playing such a huge role in the success of any business, especially in the hospitality industry, Lalandi Rental House is committed to communication.

House managers check in with guests as often as reasonably possible in case of a hiccup or where clarification is needed. Although negative reviews are inevitable, most guests appreciate full transparency and are very understanding.


Does Lalandi have plans for expansion in the near future?


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“Absolutely!”, exclaims the CEO. “We are in talks with local developers to create more spaces like Lalandi 13 Rental House. Hopefully the near future will see our vision come to life and we are excited to continue hosting genuine, sustainable experiences.”

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