Lady Victoria Leisure Boat and Car Hire

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Nothing quite says luxury like experiencing the Namibian sunset on an intimate boat cruise, surrounded by one of a few of your nearest and dearest, feeling the sea breeze on your skin and tasting the fresh air.

Luxury cruises are typically hosted on smaller ships that carry a limited amount of people and provide more intimate service; it offers exquisite dining, multiple-star service, and smaller vessels to reach the destinations that larger ships can’t.

Enter Boas Naanda and Victoria Leisure Tours.

Named for the love of his mother, The Victoria offers a premier private luxury boat tour in the Walvis Bay lagoon and nearby Islands.

The Lady Victoria has modern characteristics, offering an array of onboard luxury options and exceptional client experience from day tours to private functions. Offering exclusive on-board meals and delicacies, what makes Lady Victoria unique is that the board is child friendly. Now you can have your day at sea and the kiddies can have their moment, too!

The surface area of the boat is ample, allowing adequate space for clients to move around, sit, dance and enjoy a glass of wine while waiting for the chef to prepare their preferred meal.

The Lady V offers a diverse range of entertainment options to keep guests entertained throughout their journey, ranging from to onboard activities to live musical performances to entertain and enthrall.

Lady Victoria can accommodate 55 passengers onboard.

Walvis Bay is home to an impressive selection of attraction and experience, making it a significant tourism attraction in Namibia.  Walvis Bay harbor boasts a variety of sea birds, and is where thousands of famous pink flamingos are found, with the largest Cape fur sea colonies in the world. The desert landscape can be explored on a guided tour by 4×4 cars. Offering these amazing and breathtaking, uniquely Namibian experiences, The Lady Victoria have sponsored Miss Namibia, different schools in Erongo region and schools hailing from the northern parts of the country.

The Namibian tourism industry offers many employment opportunities; tour guides, operators, booking agents, hotels, restaurant staff and transportation. Tourism has much to bring to the table for the country and its local people.

In this industry, the main focus is on creating stories, making memories and making guests want to come back to this beautiful land again and again.

While our international visitors explore local attractions and purchase goods from our local communities, more needs to be done as we rely heavily on domestic tourism as a tool to reduce poverty, improve infrastructure, generate employment and most importantly, to drive economic growth.

To make a meaningful contribution towards tourism, it requires all of us to work together and collaborate in transforming Walvis Bay into the number one tourism destination in Namibia.

The travel and tourism industry has significant potential in Africa including in the learning about different cultures. Namibia can boast about having just about everything that every other African county has. We have desert safaris, wildlife safaris and even sea experiences. If the goal is to experience an African culture that been preserved for many years, Namibia has got you!

Some of the packages offered by Lady Victoria are Boat cruise packages, the Morning Dolphin cruise, Afternoon Cruise and the Sunset Braai Cruise.

Lady V further offers accommodation, car hire and 4 X 4 Dune drive, wedding parties, team building, year-end functions and private functions.

A luxury cruise is certainly no small investment, however the per-person cruise fare can represent a very good value when you consider everything that may be included.

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It’s not all about the money, though. If you’re planning a special getaway, you might want to spend a few extra dollars to splurge on an experience you won’t soon forget. And when you decide that this is the right time, you know who to turn to!

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