“Ergo, this is a guilt free zone!”


Along with MyHome Lifestyle Magazine, I am excited to welcome you on our maiden journey as we embark on this adventure of a luxurious and in equal parts sustainability lifestyle!

Join us as we demonstrate the amazing and breath takingly beautiful ways you can live in sheer luxury, never compromising on taste and class, while doing next to no harm to the environment and minimising your carbon footprint! 

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! We have gathered some great Namibian minds, and with the guidance and advice of experts in various fields, it is very possible and completely realistic that environmental awareness and living sustainably, in no way compromises living luxuriously. 


A sneak peak of some of the articles in this months issue

Unlocking the Power of E med

An exclusive interview with Dr. Luvindao

The Lady Victoria Tours

Offering amazing and breathtaking, unique Namibian experiences

Travel Destinations

Serenity in Ombu village‘ Namibia exploring the real lifestyle of the Nguni people


The economic revolution
will come from within

The Story Of The Nguni Rug

A selection process from the finest of cows

Navigating The Evolution of NWR

Equipped with a burgeoning portfolio of 28 facilities

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