Along with MyHome Lifestyle Magazine, I am excited to welcome you on our maiden journey as we embark on this adventure of a luxurious and in equal parts sustainability lifestyle!
Join us as we demonstrate the amazing and breathtakingly beautiful ways you can live in sheer luxury, never compromising on taste and class, while doing next to no harm to the environment and minimising your carbon footprint!
Sounds too good to be true? It's not!

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What to expect

We have gathered some great Namibian minds, and with the guidance and advice of experts in various fields, it is very possible and completely realistic that environmental awareness and living sustainably, in no way compromises living luxuriously.
Ergo, this is a guilt free zone!
We pledge to continually take you on a journey through our pages; a journey of discovery and learning; a journey of enticing and encouraging the exploration of your surroundings and the expansion of perception of the 'norm'.
With conversations ranging from Innovative Design, to Sustainable Living, Green Innovations, Sustainable Getaways and Ethical Elegance, you're sure to find topics in these pages that will keep you entertained and ready for the wave of the future.

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What we offer

In a world where we become ever more aware of the need to live in harmony with our environment, we have to strive towards spaces and ideas where we can achieve just that. Live, work, play communities are based around the idea that one need not leave an area to enjoy all that it has to offer - with housing, office complexes, shopping, recreation and amenities within a singular neighborhood.
* Each of our publications will explore and focus intently on a specific Namibian cultural group, going to the lengths and breadths of our beautiful country, bringing you the best of the best in sustainability and pure unadulterated Namibianism; so keep an eye out for our publications in 2023 and prepare be wowed by what we have in store!
MyHome Magazine offers you sustainable luxury, right at your fingertips

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