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Where is it written that science and creativity do not mix?
Not in the book Dr Esperance Luvindao read, that’s for sure!

Medical Doctor, Lexus brand ambassador, Forbes 30 under 30, Public speaker, Health ambassador, Executive coach are but some of the hats this Namibian firecracker wears while representing her country nationally and internationally.

Dr Luvindao’s passion for public health – which eventually lead to her becoming one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 laureates – began when she was working in northern Namibia, where she came face to face with the challenges faced by low income people from Namibia as well as Angola seeking healthcare.

Being thus exposed to what low income and poverty means for the healthcare of many Africans in terms of quality of care, she was spurred on to become a health advocate which gained her the much deserved international recognition.

The good Doctor firmly believes that all people ought to be afforded quality healthcare, irrespective of their socio-economic status.


Lexus is one of the most luxurious car brands in the world! Being appointed as the Lexus brand Ambassador means that Dr Luvindao is responsible for positioning the brand to other people and upholding the brand image.

The goal is not only to convince people that Lexus is the car brand of choice, but is to ensure that when people see her, they see Lexus to be a brand of excellence and luxury.

“I do not necessarily believe that mine is to stand in theater daily operating, but rather to bridge the gap between health information and the community, as well as advocate with policy makers for improved healthcare through policy change.


Doctor Luvindao believes that health advocacy is her biggest achievement to date.

Teaching people what a normal blood pressure is, why they need to take their medication, what contraceptives are available, their side effects; what an annual full body check up is etc. is an aspect of healthcare that is sometimes neglected.

Everybody has a calling, is what the Doctor believes.

Through our health education and advocacy, we have seen over 100 women in informal settlements in Namibia receiving the copper IUCD which is a hormonal free contraceptive that lasts up to 5 years, thus reducing the overall teenage pregnancy rate.”


In September 2023 Menga Healthcare Technology aims to advance telemedicine in Africa by launching one of two healthcare telemedicine technology products.

This product will allow the timely care and management of patients. The doctor:patient ratio is not what it should be, hence the disproportionate number of doctors available to cater to patients.

The TRIAgen software is in the form of a chat bot and web software.

It allows patients from all over Africa to be triage’d and seen in a timely manner by a doctor in their area.

Once you enter your details, you will be automatically triage’d. This puts for example, patients with suspected heart attacks, strokes or bleeding in pregnancy in the emergency zone, whilst those with none-emergency conditions like flu, gastritis and sexually transmitted infections are asked if they would like to come in to the hospital or simply do an online consultation.

TRIAgen connects you with the nearest available doctor or health centre who receives all your information before you even arrive at the hospital, making sure that your file is pulled and benefits have been checked prior to your arrival!

Most patients don’t have their doctor’s number.

The platform has a database of registered general practitioners, specialists and health centers directly linked and ensures healthcare practitioners receive a notification within 2 minutes of patients completing their details and thereafter allows patients to chat directly with their doctor without having to have their doctor’s number.

Patients anywhere in Africa can utilize TRIAgen.

All you need to do is send a message to our WhatsApp number and you will be assisted immediately. There is no sign up charge for patients, neither is there a fee for connecting patients to their doctor in a timely manner.


Established by Doctor Luvindao, Speaker’s Globe is a public speaking training institute which empowers individuals to become effective communicators and public speakers.

The role of effective communication cannot be emphasised enough, and has the ability to grant you access to all the right rooms.

Doctor Luvindao began offering public speaking training in 2019 and due to the outbreak of the global pandemic she converted to training online and expanded to have students in over 5 different countries.

This resulted in Speaker’s Globe winning second place for the United Nations Women Entrepreneur Awards in 2022.

Lecturers hail from Namibia, Zimbabwe, DRC and The United States, which allows the institution to offer high quality public speaking training for professionals from all over the world.

The courses are self-paced, making them friendly to the working class and allowing students an opportunity to become excellent orators at their own speed.

Speaker’s Globe’s  students are board members, CEOs, managers, lawyers, accountants, teachers, engineers, lecturers, and students from all over the world.

Receiving her Executive and Management coaching qualification from the University of Cape Town is testament to Doctor Luvindao’s passion for life long learning. She is a firm believer that people ought to always find ways to be qualified in the area of their passion, hence the need to further even more her qualifications in coaching.

With years worth of experience in mentorship and leadership, combined with an MBA as well as medical expertise, has placed Doctor Luvindao in a highly fortunate position where she is now able to offer invaluable lessons to all and sundry, regardless of age.


Adequate healthcare financing structures are crucial to the success of any nation’s healthcare system.

Millions of people are pushed into poverty annually due to out of pocket health costs. The completion of her certification in healthcare governance and financing has allowed Doctor Luvindao deeper insight into the policies and structures involved in healthcare governance and finance and how they play a key role when attempting to implement healthcare solutions that are feasible.

This is particularly important in the area she finds herself in now, which is telemedicine.

In order to advance telemedicine within the African healthcare system, careful consideration must be taken as to how the advancement in technology can be financed within our local systems and how this affects the healthcare human capital structure which is currently in place.


Telemedicine and Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is the future of healthcare.

After having spoken at the Gitex Healthcare Conference in Dubai in 2022, it was mentioned that the greatest struggle faced by healthcare investors abroad is the opposition to the introduction of advanced healthcare technology from African healthcare leaders and policies.

This became more evident as Doctor Luvindao began to develop healthcare technology products that were difficult to introduce into the African healthcare system, causing internal frustrations and limiting implementation.

She will be launching two healthcare tech products within the next 12 months and has found that courage and persistence are the greatest tools one can use to navigate the current system and introduce concepts that may not be considered  the norm.


“In 2022, I was fortunate to add ‘TEDx Speaker’ to my bio”, Doctor Luvindao says humbly.

“This came after speaking at the Gitex Healthcare Innovation Conference in Dubai with over 300 000 attendees. I have also spoken for The African Women Summit in Rwanda, the Old Mutual Women’s Summit, Merck Foundation Fertility Conference, as well as over 200 other speaking engagements.

In 2021, I was nominated for the African Speaker of the Year award.”

“Speaking is literally my escape. I find so much joy in putting thoughts into words. It is a completely different world that offers me the ability to impact thousands of lives at a time.

My TEDx Talk was published by TEDx Official making my thoughts on the African Healthcare system and the possibilities that exist for the state health sector available to health leaders across the globe.”

Doctor Luvindao started ‘One Step at A Time’, a charitable organisation that helped purchase medical equipment destined for village health practices in remote locations. The equipment helps the delivery of healthcare to thousands of patients in hard-to-reach places.

The website launch of One Step At A Time (OSAAT) is imminent and the critical services it offers, which offers free medical advice, health education and health outreach to marginalised African communities, in their own language.

The website can be accessed at

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It appears that along with constantly striving to do and be better academically, Doctor Luvindao’s desire for better and more accessible healthcare is equally insatiable.

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